Having played every free flash game on the internet, I thought I’d post some here that I find unique and challenging in a certain way. The first game I wanted to talk about is one of the most insane things I’ve ever played: game, game, game and again game. I found this game many years ago and was simply delighted by the absurdity of it. Each level includes extremely sketchy and disorienting graphics, nonsense sentences centered around abstract philosophical principals, and inscrutable home videos.

This game intrigues me as it creates an eternal knowledge gap. Despite the simple goals (collect these weird flashing items, get to the exit), the game purports to make interesting statements with each level. Reading the poetic and just slightly incoherent text and comparing it against 10-second arbitrary home videos, considering the shape of platforms and the paths available to the player, the blue squiggle of death. the heavy music juxtaposed against images of syringes and graves… the player begins to believe there is some underlying message in each level. In combination the levels seem to bring the player even closer to the truth. In further evaluation, however, all interpretations seem valid. You are left eternally questioning what it might all mean.

The author created a number of other interesting games and flash artistic productions available at the same site. I encourage you to play, alone, with the lights off.