I like that we were assigned to read the excerpt from Stoll’s book. I tried hard to read it with an open mind and to understand his point of view. After all, I go to the School of Information and am attending a class about video games and learning. Yet, I can’t help but hear the voice of a flustered old man trying to convince everyone that learning should be the same it were back in the old days. He makes some good points like how some educational games don’t really go too much in depth and how you don’t really get the “aha” moment that one would get in a chemistry setting. But I feel the man is discounting technology in the classroom altogether. He has a very “all or nothing” approach to technology in the classroom that it seems borderline ignorant. Does he not believe that there can be a fair level of balance between traditional and modern forms of teaching? The examples he gives are examples of lackluster attempts of using technology. It made me wonder whether or not he really did the adequate research required to have a more robust argument. If he did do the adequate research then he may have just omitted those findings in order to promote his own agenda that technology has no place in the classroom. I’m not saying that I have done the counter research to throw back at this chapter, but I know that so far technology in the classroom has definitely enhanced my learning experiences. Thoughts?