Speaking of MOTIVATION, here’s a game geared towards helping you achieve your goals and focus on what’s important to you in life!

I highly recommend trying it out for 15-20 minutes and seeing if you like it! I personally don’t think I’d use it, but I can see how it would be useful for some people. I’m a more rational person and cutesy visuals don’t appeal to me a whole lot.. so I like using Remember the Milk, Google Calendar, and the like. If you/someone you know is struggling to keep on top of things, though, this could be a useful and fun way to reorient yourself on the right path.

All that said, if there was a way to incorporate some kind of HUD in actual life and “level up”… I’d sign up. Mindbloom is cool, but not what I am personally looking for. 🙂

Lifehacker post here (how I discovered it) | Link to actual game