So as I have reading some of the material for this class I am quickly realizing what it means the be an “expert” gamer. At one point in my game (Dead Island for the 360) you enter a car to drive around the island. There are exactly 0 instructions given on how to driv ethe car but I instantly knew how to drive. In fact I knew how to do more than drive. I could switch seats in the car, go forward, backwards and more.

Now here is the question I am posing, for the sake of this class, is that a good thing?

On one end of the spectrum the target audience of video games are in fact expert gamers. Kids spend hours on end playing games (I know because I was one) and we want to leverage that to teach them. On the other end of the spectrum though are the principals we are designing for. How am I supposed to determine how I learn from a video game if I do it effortlessly? I don’t have to think anymore about what the controls are, I just pick up the controller and can play. I am just wondering what others think and if they have any advice for how to overcome this problem.