After playing the first level of Super Mario Galaxy 2 at least three times, because I could not figure out how to save the game (I know this is sad), I found something interesting. The game is based on a character Mario, a male, trying to save Peach, a female. The whole game is based on a damsel in distress who needs a man to save her. I’m not trying to go on a feminist rant, but the gender role was something that I only realized my third time playing the same level. Which led me to my research question. How does gender potentially alter learning in video games? Are video games too catered towards males? While researching this question I stumbled upon this article, “Are Games to Blame for the ‘Decline’ of Men?” The article discusses the argument of William Bennett who told CNN that video games have made men losers which in turn made women winners. The author of the article makes a comment that in fact, “women make up around 50% of games players or that the fastest growing sector of the population playing games is adult women.” This is an argument that I hope to research and learn more about. Are video games evolving and keeping up with the growing women audience, and what does this have to do with learning?