Really love DIY culture, although this generally is me telling other people how to build my crappy IKEA furniture while crying uncontrollably after the fifth time I’ve screwed on my desk backwards.

Anyway, I’m really tempted to go back to All Hands Active to be a part of their crochet group. True story: if you’re in the East Bay, there’s this divey bar called “Mel-O-Dee” that has both karokee night and knitting club night on Thursdays…

I’m interested to know what other DIY/arts collectives you know of? Just for future reference. I used to live by the collective 3rd Ward in Bushwick, Brooklyn. It was really huge when I lived there two years ago – NYT even did a write up of it a while ago.

Also – do you think that gaming culture/DIY have a lot in common? I see some intersections but the space sharing at DigOps/AHA has me wondering if there are other connections.