The Huffington Post has suggested that Herman Cain, the new hot Republican candidate for president, might have lifted his 999 tax plan from Sim City 4. Although I doubt he did (maybe an advisor is more plausible), it’s an interesting idea. Way back in 2003, this New York Times article talks about the increased use of simulation war games (a la Ender’s Game) to train new recruits and prepare them for battle.  I’m sure this is something we’ll discuss in class at some point, but are we really turning towards video games such as Left for Dead (games like that are the main reason I make sure my computer is one of the more basic models) to prepare our kids to enter the real world? I’m all for simulation, creating imaginary worlds and “practicing” to be an adult is an essential part of what childhood is for, but when we move this simulation from the real world to the video game world, are we creating indoor kids who are incapable of functioning in society or fending for themselves outside of the game world?