I stumbled upon this article today, talking about a video game company that is developing a first-person shooter game that depicts the hunt for and killing of Muammar Qaddafi. This same video game company released a similar game of Osama Bin Landen’s death. My wondering on this topic is where the line is when it comes to incorporating news events and video games.  We talk about incorporating real-life events into games, I’m thinking specifically about Sid Meier’s Civilization game expansion packs that have added scenarios that mirror real-world situations.  For example, you get to play the part of Alexander and help to build them empire as he did, or you play the part of Gehngis Khan and command the Mongol hordes. Both of these characters slaughtered citizens, soldiers and razed towns on their way to power, how is this any different from Qaddafi and why are we, as an American society, put off by this?  I also look at games such as Left for Dead, Halo, and other first-person shooter games with fairly graphic material, why is it wrong to incorporate real-world events into these games, so that maybe the players have a deeper understanding of the curent events of the world? If we are making an epistemological change in education with a richer integration of technology, should we be used real-life situations such as this to help students better comprehend situations and events such as this?