In my reaction reading this week (in the voice of a bugger), I talked about how the Battle School in “Ender’s Game” broke down the barrier between what reality and game for Ender and his fellow child-soldiers. Well, it looks like this idea of full on “immersive gaming” isn’t fiction. In the video above, “The Gadget Show” builds a Battlefield 3 simulator that is just a hair away from actually being in a real war (it shoots paintballs at you when you get shot in the game!).

Does immersion add to what you could possibly learn from a game? Like they mention halfway through the video, the guy playing the game seems to experience real fear when thrust into the heart of a firefight. The true experience of fear is something that is very difficult to achieve with standard gaming (sitting in front of a TV with a controller). The level of augmented reality used in this simulator is key to achieving this, and I think it’s something to think about going into next week’s class.

I don’t know about you, but I want to jump into that simulator right now and squash some buggers!!