Well isn’t that convenient – I just came across this article on Slate (thanks to Facebook’s auto-sharing “Washington Post Social Reader”) about why Second Life has failed: http://slate.me/tDaii8.

Getting straight to the point, they argue that Second Life doesn’t have one true job that it excels at. Unlike Google which we need for quick & effective searches, the iPod that gives us on-the-go access to our vast music collections, or even Square that gives us an easy, inexpensive way to collect money in the offline world, Second life is “like a job candidate with a fascinating résumé—fluent in Finnish, with stints in spelunking and trapeze—but no actual labor skills.”

Second Life needs to be like a “breakfast milkshake for commuters” – it needs to exist for a specific purpose, i.e. “supply[ing] a breakfast that is filling and nonmessy and cupholder-compatible.

Do you use Second Life for a specific purpose, or do you find it to be a hodgepodge of all these different experiences and purposes, which therefore dilutes your experience?