I just saw a random commercial for Google Chrome featuring Brian Kingrey, who won a million dollars for pitching the perfect game in a videogame. Before all this, his students (did I mention he is a music teacher?) had purportedly never even heard him mention baseball. How did he do this? Mr. Kingrey was able to pitch his perfect game by avidly researching the players and the game for 2 weeks straight, learning players’ strengths and weaknesses in reality, and then applying that data to their digital counterparts.

Watching the commercial does not depict Kingrey leading a healthy lifestyle. For the better part of the commercial, he sits indoors with the blinds shut eating Little Debbie cinnamon rolls from a wrapper. Apparently he even called in sick from work on the day he competed. But…it paid off. With a little editing and a different outcome, this could be a have been a PSA about the potential negatives of being a gamer. As it stands, however, Brain Kingrey is now a music teacher, gamer, completest, baseball statistician, millionaire, and a new face of the Google Search engine.