This week’s reading deals with violence in videogames, and how we are able to separate reality from fiction (just as we do in books, movies, and even enhanced photos). I wonder if people do research on whether videogames can make you a better person? A nicer one? Would that game be appealing? I wonder because I think games are a tool: they can help you act out fantasies that you would never do in real life (say, steal people’s cars, rescue a princess from a dinosaur, etc). It can also be a learning tool, as we’ve talked about. But what about a “life” tool? Does anybody remember reading “Highlights” magazine, and the Goofus and Gallant comic strip? It was supposed to teach you how to behave, and be proper, and it took advantage of how easy it is for kids to absorb material through comic strips. Is there a game out there that is equivalent?

Here’s a video that talks about the benefits of gaming – fast forward to the 2 minute mark to see some analogues between kids who play civic minded games and its correlation with charitable giving. (They also cite a UM study, but don’t share the author’s name or the name of the article, which is frustrating).