From my experience (which is pretty non-existent with violent games) and the experience of people that I know (boyfriend who is an avid gamer), I feel that I can properly say that I’ve seen the range of abilities when it comes to gaming. I’m not going to say that I (or he) takes an extreme when it comes to whether or not it’s good for the brain or not. He claims that it builds strategic thinking and reflexes and some other what-nots and all that. I have learned not to become too invested in it and just give him his time, while crossing my fingers and hoping he’ll grow out of it…which I’m assuming he will not.

But maybe I should show him this article about how all these violent video games he’s playing are actually altering his brain. Or not, because to be honest, I myself cannot actually decide if I believe what this study states. Although, there are times when I may think that my boyfriend’s brain is not working correctly… Still, I think the take-aways that the researchers have in this study may be a little far fetched. They claim that one week of violent video game play results in less activity in the brain. I’m not quite sure if I can believe this or not.