Reflecting on why I originally chose to play Portal 2 has been an interesting experience. I found myself writing about always loving puzzle games, but I stopped half way through. Why do I like puzzle games? I hate Math! Don’t I? Now I know that is just my perception, because I had never been able to score well in math classes. The fact is, I have been playing flash math puzzle games for years. It turns out I specifically like games that involve spatial reasoning and geometry. Looking back on an old favorite, Bloxorz from 2007, I actually found it on sites specifically for math games. Originally, this was on and I used to play it when I worked nights as a receptionist in undergrad dorms. Its the only game that ever made me want to go back to beat it again, and more efficiently, or strive to beat my friends’ times; I even drew schematics. Its interesting now to find articles on the game relating to flow theory, design, immersion, intrinsic motivations, etc. Especially since back then it was just a way to pass the time from 10:30pm-7:30am.