Ok, not completely different.

So, this semester we’ve been talking about using videogames in classrooms, of course. What about just videos (no games)?

Barry has of course used videos very effectively in class this semester (The Onion, Malcolm in the Middle, Big Bang Theory, F.T.W.). Now, YouTube bas come out with a new distraction-free, academically-rich version for schools, called, you guessed it, “YouTube for Schools”. I’ll let the video above do the convincing, but it is definitely something to think about. In the past (perhaps before our time, for some of us), the only way students were exposed to the world outside the classroom was when the teacher threw some photos up on the projector, popped in a VHS tape, or took the class on a rare field trip to the zoo. YouTube isn’t new of course, but their demonstration of embracing their service as an educational tool shows just how powerful it has become. Students now can see how the nervous system works in action, observe the food chain at work, or travel to faraway places. They even can watch classes taught by other teachers, to get a different perspective on a topic they’re learning, or learn a whole new subject altogether.

Why even go to class anymore?

I’m kidding.