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Help a Professor Out…

Here’s a dilemma… how should I determine which blog posts are worth points and which are not?

So far, I’ve been liberal in handing out points – I figure I want to encourage people to post, so “first one’s free” (or “first one’s worth five thousand,” I suppose). But after that, what is the borderline one should cross to earn points?

This is a motivation puzzle for me, because I want to encourage people to post, even small things. But I also want to encourage thoughtful posts. Giving points for posts that are “small” undermines the larger goal of provoking deep engagement with class topics here in the blog.

But what’s the line? How does one determine? Clearly it can’t be length – that’s too mindless. So then what?

Have at it in the comments!

P.S. I’m putting this discussion in the blog, because that’s where those who are most invested in the topic are likely to look (I hope.)


On The Media from WNYC & NPR is my favorite radio show. Ever. Week after week, I find thoughtful and provocative pieces that help me make sense of the whirlwind of media swirling around me. Often, I’ll hear some event reported during the week, and think, “I hope OTM does something about this.” And more often than not, they will.

This week (September 30 broadcast), they hit it out of the part with two stories that will engage thinkers on video games and learning.

First, give a listen to a piece about how online gamers playing a game called Foldit helped crack a challenging problem that has puzzled scientists for more than 10 years… in just 10 days. This piece is great in part because of the way it considers different kinds of players with different kinds of motivations, and how they needed to¬†accommodate all of them to produce a big (dare I say “epic”) win.

Next, hear a great update from Jane McGonigal about her game called Superbetter, in which she gives more details about how the game saved her life, and an OTM producer takes a 6-week challenge to see if it can improve his. Stay tuned.