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Help a Professor Out…

Here’s a dilemma… how should I determine which blog posts are worth points and which are not?

So far, I’ve been liberal in handing out points – I figure I want to encourage people to post, so “first one’s free” (or “first one’s worth five thousand,” I suppose). But after that, what is the borderline one should cross to earn points?

This is a motivation puzzle for me, because I want to encourage people to post, even small things. But I also want to encourage thoughtful posts. Giving points for posts that are “small” undermines the larger goal of provoking deep engagement with class topics here in the blog.

But what’s the line? How does one determine? Clearly it can’t be length – that’s too mindless. So then what?

Have at it in the comments!

P.S. I’m putting this discussion in the blog, because that’s where those who are most invested in the topic are likely to look (I hope.)


Welcome to EDUC 602!

Welcome to the blog we’ll use in EDUC 602: Videogames, Learning, & School Design.  I hope you’ll use it to share cool ideas and information you encounter that are relevant to class.  If you have your own blog, let’s add it to our blogroll!